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Girl’s Generation


I’m a Sone, personally admire not because they sing, dance, act well.

The admire because they are a team.

A team of true winners. Some have gone through which wants difficulties in life, but remained standing. Look where they arrived.

Are special, not only by his actions but by its ability, and mainly by the affection that have between themselves.

Know the right time to act.

Are not useless as some of the other celebrities, who think in hair, clothes, or shoes. They are of admiration, because they think in 1st place, each other. Before you do anything, think if someone bothers not group with the Act. Ask your opinions about something for doing nothing wrong.

And this is why. If complete, are always wanting to help, by more critical that is the point.

Do not hide, I admire for their personalities.

-More loving.

-More playful.

-More affective.

-More careful.

-More clowns.

-The cutest.

And even:

-Cooler (rs, Jessica.)

But if you have something I know is never never get separated, are friends forever, a thinking always in good of another.

Between them (Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yoona and Yuri) I can only quote my favorite. The Taeyeon.

Love her, not only because she is the leader of the group, but rather because hosts, console and gives attention to the other members as if responsibility were totally her. She does this because he knows that it is a duty of friend and companion of the other. Does so of their own volition.

Possessing a beautiful voice, in which when sings smooths the notes and comforts us.

All in General, not only Taeyeon has something very special, even. If very emportam with your fans, or their fans.

Not showing your affection only through irresistivéis selcas (cute photos, taken to fans), but in a show, striving to give their best in front of the people who love them.

The Taeyeon is my admiration becauseNever is famous without being criticized, taeyeon accepts it very well.

Know how she came there. Know the efforts that had to do, but everything to be with who she loves most, doing what you love, living alongside her friends-eternal sisters – which never abandons, which never to have abandoned.

If you need to, she has the necessary support from all members, and the principal, his fans,TaeGang unite (Taegangers)

For the leader, the most rewarding feeling is that when you are on stage listening to your fans scream his name, is to know that several hours of tests really were worth it.

Love her for what she is, not for what she does.

To me a person that really important, is that sincerely cares about others – your next, their fans, their sisters.


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